It has been a long time since my last post which was only my second post. The idea behind this blog was for random thoughts on my monastic journey. Not much has happened since my last entry so it would appear that this blog is a failure. I have a very different view towards the monastic life that would be traditional in the Orthodox Church. My feeling is that monks should not hiding out in some monastery but should be visible members of the church. My vision is for monks to live in a simple house and interact with the community. Taking that all the way to the end, perhaps monks should run shelters for homeless people or a mission of some type. Why is it that others can do this but we feel that monks need to be in monastery and left alone. Just some random thoughts.


  1. good for you!!!i have a real problem with religous people who hide away in buildings and do not stretch there hands out to others. i have been to several orthodox monistaries (to visit) and felt very unwelcomed by these so called religious people who would rather i not bother them. not one walked up and said hello. sorry i beleave jesus loved people and he would have been the first to walk up to some one and say hello. prayer and meditation are a wounderful thing for the soul and mind. but i also beleave god calls us all to love one another.that means taking the time to be social and caring

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