Unnecessary violence

Today I went to the hospital to visit the son of one of my parishioners. He was driving to work the other night, and someone threw a rock off of the overpass and hit the windshield of the car. After that he went across the road and hit the guard rail. His skull is fractured in two places and his jaw is broken. The doctor is not sure if he will ever regain the sight in his right eye. I will never understand why people do the things they do.


  1. You know when I was in Honduras I would see kids throwing pebbles and stuff off the hills onto the road, sometimes towards the vehicles. Unfortunately as adolescents we never think of the consequences. Highly unfortunate in this case.

    My prayers!!

  2. I pray for the person who did this and hope that they will turn them selves in. I also pray for the family who seeks vengence and not justice.

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