Yesterday the Gospel passage was about forgiveness. This is a hard lesson for people to learn. As Christians we have to forgive those who have harmed us. Some of us tend to carry a grudge around with us for years and we are never able to let go. Sometimes the harm is so devastating that we can not give it up. However, if we do not give this up, it harms us in a spiritual way. Spiritual sickness will sink in and we find ourselves being very negative towards many things. We all need to find away to forgive. In the Lord’s Prayer we as to forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. So it would seem that we are forgiven in the measure that we forgive. This was the theme of the Gospel passages yesterday. Pray for those who have harmed us, and pray that we are able to find the grace to be able to forgive.

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  1. i think most people do not understand that not forgiving only hurts us. most times people who have hurt us do not even know they’ve hurt us and we carry the pain around needelessly.

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