St. Dimitrie Parish

I had the opportunity yesterday to take a little trip down to Bridgeport, CT to St. Dimitrie Romanian Orthodox Church. It was festival day for the church, and some of the people there have been after me for three years to come. There is come crossover between my parish here in Southbridge and the parish there. So I decided to drive on down. Bridgeport is about an hour and half from Southbridge. It was nice to see some of the old faces again and meet Fr. Cornel who is the priest there. They have begun to build a new church. So right now they are borrowing space from another Orthodox Church in town. The festival was quite large and the food was outstanding. Now I will have to say it was not as good as the food at our festival but I am a little biased.
Okay, I forgot something so I am now in edit mode. Most of the people there are big Yankees fans, why I don’t know. It was hard to sit there and listen to them go on about how great there team is, but then again the Yankees are 4 1/2 games up now on our beloved Red Sox. Well, football season is just around the corner so we have the Patriots anyway.


  1. “our beloved Red Sox”

    My husband will be thrilled to know there is one more right thinking person in the world. He has been a Sox fan since toddlerhood practically!

    Go Sox!

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