Walking on Water

Yesterday’s Gospel passage for the liturgy was from Matthew 14. In this passage we see Peter attempting to walk on water. I thought I would post some comments from my homily yesterday on this very passage. This is not a full text just some bullet points. To hear my whole homily, you have to come to St. Michaels.

– We all face storms in our life, and God never said it was going to be easy if we followed Him, after all, even Jesus had to face the cross.

– What God does promise is strength to face the storms we face in life. No matter how heavy the cross is that we have to bear he is there to help us.

– Peter took his eyes off of Jesus. Peter represents all who dare to take that first step as Christians in confidence, and then when the storm starts we take our eyes off Jesus and try to go it alone. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and not on what is going on around us.

– The more difficult the task or temptation, the more we need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

– In the end, Jesus immediately grabbed Peter. Jesus was right where Peter needed him to be. He will always be where we need him to be even to the end of time. He is our ever present help. So as we run the race of life look to Jesus for help in faith.


  1. Dear Fr. Peter,

    Thanks for your wonderful post. Thank you, thank you. You’ll probably never know how much it has touched me and in how appropriate a time I came across your post. I’m feeling very discouraged right now and reading your post has helped me a lot.

    I am praying for you.
    Yours in Christ,

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