Sunday Thoughts

This past Sunday we had a pretty good crowd in the church, and some of the regulars were in attendance. Usually people go away for the weekend but most people seemed to be around. It was good to see some people back from their summer off from church.
This week the theme was giving up. I should say that the Gospel verse for this Sunday, Riches and the Kingdom is often miss understood. In the story, Jesus tells the man to go and sell all that you have, give to the poor, and follow me. I don’t believe that Jesus is asking each of us to do this. I believe that Jesus is telling us not to love our possessions more than we love life, or more than we love God. Possessions are okay as long as they do not rule our life. For the man in the story it would seem that he loved his possessions more than God. We should be careful not to amass more than we need, and we also need to remember the poor. If any of you have a big plasma TV that you feel you need to divest yourself of let me know, it would look great in my TV room.


  1. i think this scripture also shows us how unpushy God really is with us. when the man says what can i do to be saved jesus says to love one another. then the man says he wants to do more so jesus says well alright then sell everything you have give it to the poor then come follow me. jesus did not start out by saying to sell everything.i guess part of the moral of the story is god will ask the basics from you but if you want to take it a step more God will give you more. but if your not ready for the next step God will wait for you to catch.

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