House Fire

In my previous post I mentioned my work as a fire chaplain. This has been a very rewarding ministry for me for the past few years. I serve a small department made up of both volunteer and full-time firefighters. Not much happens in the town and most of the time I spend at the station is just ministry of presence.
Yesterday however, we were called to Thompson, Connecticut for a house fire. House fires are never good and thankfully no one was hurt. The house was a complete loss and the three families will have to be relocated. A fire scene can be very chaotic and anything can happen. The chaplain walks around speaking with the FF’s and brings water and makes sure that all is well with them. In small town we usually know people who live in the houses where the fire is so it becomes personal. This can be a stressful time for all.
I asked in my last post to pray for the FF’s and EMT’s. Pray for all public safety people that they remain safe and well. Pray for their families as well as they give them up each day to keep us safe.

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  1. Dear Fr. Peter,

    Thank you for your service and ministry in God’s name. You will be in my feeble prayers.

    Kissing your right hand,

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