Andrew & Peter Meet

This is one of the many photos from today’s Divine Liturgy in Turkey.

The Pope and the Patriarch greet each other as the Pope is welcomed into the church. I have not seen the Liturgy yet, I did not want to get up at 2am, but it will be rebroadcast this afternoon at 2pm on EWTN. From the comments I have read by my fellow bloggers it was a wonderful event. There were some questions as to why the Pope was not commemorated during the Liturgy as he was last night. This is an example of the separation. The prayer service last night was just that, a prayer service. The Liturgy is something different and if the Pope was commemorated during it it would assume communion. Since we are not in communion with each other, it would be inappropriate for the Pope to be commemorated. One interesting comment I found was that as the people were coming up for communion they were bowing to the Pope and he was bowing back to them. Very nice. More after I have a chance to watch but you can find many comments of both Orthodox and Catholic Blogs.

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