Bishop’s Visit Part II

Well the weekend is over and all is back to normal, whatever that is. His Grace Bishop Ioan Casian arrived on Saturday for a Great Vespers service that was well attended by many parishioners from the village but also from Worcester and other parishes. Sunday morning saw the Divine Liturgy celebrated an hour latter that usual, boy was that nice, and the church was full. Our friends from St. Nicholas Parish here in Southbridge came to the liturgy with Fr. John and it is nice to serve together. The singing was wonderful and the bishop is so gentle with his directions to us priests that don’t usually serve with a bishop.
Many folks we do not usually see come out for this liturgy and it is always nice to have all of our friends attend the Liturgy. Nice banquet after in the hall and the food was great. His Grace left around 4pm to drive to Montreal to attend more meetings and liturgies this week.
One thing I learned this weekend. We need to keep our bishops in our prayers as the cross the country and Canada visiting parishes and the faithful. They log many miles in the air and on the highways. I know the two bishops in our diocese travel alone so the trips can be long. We need to keep them in our prayers.
Good rest yesterday afternoon and now the clean up begins. What a blessing yesterday was. Thanks to all…
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