Entrance of the Mother of God in the Temple

Hebrews 9:1-7
Luke 10:38-42; 11:27-28

Today we celebrate the feast of the Entrance of the Mother of God in the Temple although not a biblical event it is one of the 12 major feast days of the Church. What are we celebrating in this feast? Fr. Thomas Hopko states in his book the Winter Pascha:

“Its purpose is not so much to commemorate an historical happening as to celebrate a dogmatic mystery of the Christian faith, namely, that every human being is made to be a living temple of God.” (p 16)

In the entrance into the temple she becomes the new spiritual temple of the indwelling of God that through her we all become in her Son and the Holy Spirit. It is through this that we all become the church. This is the beginning of all that is to come for us as Christians.

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