Out Visiting

Yesterday I took a little road trip to Leominster, Massachusetts about an hour north of my little village here. Leominster is in a part of Worcester County known as North County. I went to visit a seminary classmate of mine who is at St. Cecilia’s Church. What a wonderful visit. I have not seen Fr. Michael since I graduated and was ordained. He had one more year of study and we lost touch with each other. I feel that it is very important to remain in contact with those who we have known in the past and to hang on to those precious friendships. How many people have come and gone in our lives and we do not stay in contact with?
Fr. Michael is indeed a friend and support and we have re-established our friendship. We were together during those difficult times in seminary and I hope to remain close with him.
Maybe it is time for all of us to renew an old friendship. Give and old friend a call and go have coffee or go see a movie. Just do it! Life is to short to go it alone.
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