Weekend Recap

This was an unusually busy weekend here in the village. I have blogged before, I am the chaplain to the Dudley Fire Dept. Tow of the fire fighters lost their mother last week and Saturday was the funeral. Off to the cemetery after that then back to the rectory for a little office work and church cleaning. Yes, the priest cleans there church here. For the past few weeks I have had some much appreciated help, but I like to putter around in the church and get some things done. Still had some clean up from the bishops visit last weekend.
Sunday was the usual Liturgy, but this wired thing happened. A few months ago I started to preach without notes. I used to script my sermons out and then basically read them, I know no Billy Graham here but it worked for me. Then I decided to try no notes. It is much harder to preach that way I can tell you that. Anyway, as I finished the Gospel I got a whammy from the Holy Spirit and completely changed what I was going to say. I will post some thoughts on that latter on before I forget. After Liturgy I learned of the death of a longtime parish member. Michael was his name and he was just here last week. He did on the street near his house. The funeral will be latter this week. This will only be my third funeral since I have been here. Very sad news. Please remember Michael in your prayers as well as his family. Memory Eternal!
Last night brought Fr. Greg and Pres here for dinner. It was nice to have guests for dinner here at the rectory. I don’t entertain that much and it’s nice to be able to share a meal and conversation with others. Fr. Greg and Pres are great and I look forward to our next encounter.
Off on retreat for a couple of days this week for some much needed spiritual rest, and some other rest. I am off to the Maronite Monastery in Petersham, Massachusetts. I have been before but only for the day so this will be a nice change. Remember me this week please while I am on retreat as well as I prepare for the funeral.
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