Friday was a very busy day hence the lack of posts. The day began with breakfast with Fr. Greg. We decided some months ago that we would meet every now and again and have breakfast together. We use these times for mutual support and also a time to just shoot the bull so to speak. We always go to the same place Bickfords in Auburn. Its nice to be able to break bread with a brother in the Lord.
Returned to the Village to gather up some stuff and change my shirt and started out on visitations. I don’t do this as often as I should and it was nice to get back in the groove of visiting. I only have two house bound parishioners here so it does not take long, but it also allows me more time to spend with each of them. One lady lives in her own home and one lives in a rest home. Both are lovely ladies and I enjoy talking with them. They have great stories of church life here in the early years and it is nice to hear them.
In between the two visits I had my oil changed in the old truck, another thing that I don’t do enough. Why is it that you go to have your oil changed and they want to sell you every other thing under the sun. Just change the oil thank you. The other thing I thought was funny while I was sitting in the waiting room I picked up the local paper and noticed that all of the ads from other oil change places had the word VOID written across them. I had to laugh at that.
After my second visit I went off to the Fire House. I have not been by there in a while either and I like to pop in for lunch, but I had such a big breakfast I skipped lunch yesterday. It’s nice to pop and see the guys and talk with them about what is going on. We have a small town and not much happens in the way of big fires, but they still get busy from time to time.
Back to the village for a light supper and then I watched the movie White Christmas. Nice movie about simpler times and I was wondering if that movie would be a hit today like it was when it first came out. Everyone had their clothes on in the whole movie, no one got killed, and everyone stayed in their own rooms at night. Just some good clean dancing and singing. I did not know this but it was the first time that Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby were in a movie together.
Well, that’s pretty much a day in the life here.


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