Sunday Recap

Divine Liturgy was wonderful with His Grace Bishop Nikon at St. Nicholas Church here in Southbridge. We had about 125 people in the congregation and that was wonderful also. It is shades of what could be if all the churches in town were one. Putting that aside, it was a great morning.
This afternoon I attended a concert at St. George Cathedral in Worcester. This was a concert by the combined choirs of the New England Antiocheans. 65 voices and a crowd of about 300 or maybe 400 it was spectacular. I can only imagine how hard they must have to rehearse to get to sound like that. Man they are good.
Off to a class tomorrow on Critical Incident Stress Management. This is part of my duties as a fire chaplain. When I went into this ministry I had no idea I would get involved in the things that I am involved in. I am so happy that I decided to do this ministry. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get involved deeper in ministry and ministry from another perspective. Two days of class to move to the advance level. More on that after.
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