300 Years of Union

On Thursday January 16, 1707 the Scottish Parliament voted in favour of the Act of Union. According to tradition, the Act was touched by the Scepter and Scotland set herself on the path to membership of Britain.
The Act came into effect on May 1 1707 after being approved by the English Parliament at Westminster and receiving the Royal Assent of Queen Anne.
Much is in the news today about the vote for Scottish Independence. Tempers are running high on both sides and people really need to think about the long term for Scotland and her people. Will the Scottish people be better off being independent of England or will they benefit by keeping things the way they are. This will be the most important vote in the history of Scotland. I wonder what Robert the Bruce would say?

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  1. Just to be clear, there isn’t actually an independence referendum scheduled as yet. However, there are elections to the Scottish Parliament in May, where one party (the SNP) has said that, if elected, they will hold a vote on the issue. To be honest, it’s pretty unlikely they’ll be successful in either.

    Still, one day…

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