Barrow, Alaska

Yesterday I was surfing around some orthodox websites and I stumbled across a page at the Orthodox Christian Mission Center’s site about missionary needs. The ad reads as follows:

Priest needed for Barrow, Alaska – the northernmost community in the US. Inquire about this unique opportunity today!

So I began to look around for information on Barrow, Alaska. I found this entry in wikipedia about Barrow. Although not the northern most settlement but close. The northernmost settlement in the US is Point Barrow a little further up. Barrow is a city in the North Slope Borough and has a population of 4,218. According to the weather channel the temp today is a low of -20 and a high of -8 degrees F. The sun sets on November 18th and is rarely seen again until the end of January when it begins to rise. Then by the middle of may the sun stays up for 24 hours a day. The average temp only goes above the freezing point for 109 days each year. This sounds like my kind of place. So anyone wanna go?


  1. A soon to be seminarian here. I totally would be up for it, but then one would have to ask my wife. What was it St Innocent did to tell his wife that he was going to Alaska? I think he took his 2 year old daughters feet in hand and said:”where oh where shall these feet play?” I dont know which location seems to tickle my adventure bone more–Holy Trinity Church in Alaska (alas got a priest already) or Pt Barrow? Either is totally cool.

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