Liturgy Prayers – Prayer of the Second Antiphon

Continuing on from yesterday we have the Prayer of the Second Antiphon. After a short litany that is the same for each of these we have the following prayer:

O Lord our God, save your people and bless your heritage. Guard the fullness of your Church. Sanctify those who love the beauty of your house. Glorify them by your divine power. And do not abandon us who hope in you.

In this prayer we focus now on the Church and her people. I have seen some translation that say bless your inheritance, I prefer this translation as printed above. We are the heritage of Gods people that began this journey. The fullness of the church. For me this is essence of orthodoxy. We say that orthodoxy is straight or true teaching, and we see it here in this prayer. We ask for Gos to preserve this fullness against it being watered down as so many have gone before us. Blessings on those that love the beauty of the church and glorification of the same. And the final petition not be be abandoned in our time of need. Nice prayer and sums things up nice for me.

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