2nd Sunday of Great Lent

2nd Sunday of Great Lent ~ St. Gregory Palamas

Hebrews 1:10-14; 2:1-3
Mark 2:1-12

This Sunday commemorates the life of St. Gregory Palamas (14th Century). The Church dedicates this Sunday to St. Gregory for his orthodox faith, theological knowledge, virtuous life, miracles and his efforts to clarify the orthodox teaching on the subject of Hesychasm (from the Greek, meaning quiet). Hesychasm was a system of mysticism propagated on Mt. Athos by 14th century monks who believed that man was able, through an elaborate system of ascetic practices based upon perfect quiet of body and mind, to arrive at the vision of the divine light, with the real distinction between the essence and the operations of God. Gregory became noted for his efforts to explain the difference between the correct teaching and this theory. Gregory was dedicated to an ascetic life of prayer and fasting, which are practices of Lent.

From THE GREAT LENT – A Week by Week Meaning
Rev. George Mastrantonis

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