Aposticha Prayers

The Aposticha Prayers for the Vespers on Wednesday Evening of the 2nd Week of Great Lent:

Keeping a spiritual fast, O brethren, let us speak no lies with our tongue nor give our brothers and sisters cause for scandal. But through repentance, let us make the lamp of our soul burn brightly, and let us cry with tears to Christ: “Forgive us our trespasses in Your love for mankind.”

To You have I lifted up my eyes, to You who live in heaven. Behold: the eyes of the servants are turned to the hands of their masters, and the eyes of the maid-servants to the hands of their mistresses: thus do our eyes watch the Lord our God until He takes pity on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us, for we have been filled with shame: our soul has been filled to overflowing. May scorn befall detractors, and humiliation come to the proud.
O Martyrs worthy of all praise, although the earth did not conceal your bodies in burial, Heaven has welcomed you. The gates of Paradise were opened to you, and there you rejoice in the Tree of Life. Intercede with Christ that He grant our souls peace and great mercy!
O Virgin, most worthy of our hymns, Moses foresaw your mystery with his prophetic eyes: it was the bush which burned without being consumed; for the Fire of the God-head did not burn your pure womb. Thus we entreat you, the Mother of our God, to grant peace to the world.
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