Aposticha Prayers

The Aposticha Prayers for the Vespers on Tuesday Evening of the 3rd Week of Great Lent:

Though I am a creature born on earth, I share in Your image, O Lord, and thus dare to call upon You, the Creator, as my Father. Living as the Prodigal, I have lost the grace of sonship; and forgetful of Your gifts, I have wasted my inheritance. Do not disown me, for You sent Your only-begotten Son to endure Crucifixion and death for my sake in the flesh. In Your love for mankind, being me back from evil and make me Yours again.

To You I have lifted my eyes, to You who live in heaven. Behold: the eyes of the servants are turned to the hands of their masters and the eyes of the maid-servants to the hands of their mistresses: thus do our eyes watch the Lord our God until He takes pity on us.

Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us, for we have been filled with shame: our soul has been filled to overflowing. May scorn befall detractors, and humiliation come to the proud.

The choir of holy martyrs withstood their persecutors as they said: “We are soldiers of the Lord of Powers on high! Even though you give us over to torture and the fire, we shall not deny the power of the Trinity!”

When the law-transgressors suspended You upon the Cross, O Savior who give life to us, Your all-holy Mother stood by You and grieved as she wept: “O beloved Child, Light of my eyes, how can You endure being nailed to the Cross between two criminals, O You suspended the earth over the waters?”

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