I am blogging today from and undisclosed location. Yesterday was a busy day. Busier than usual but a good day. Regular Liturgy in the morning with the usual crowd. The Easter people have all returned to their usual no church attendance. I guess we will see them at Christmas.
St. Thomas Sunday, and I will post my homily when I get back to the office.
Yesterday afternoon I was privilege to be the celebrant at the Annual Kirking of the Tartans. A very traditional Scottish service with the blessing of the Plaid. This service daters back to when wearing of the Tartan was prohibited by law. The faithful would bring a small piece of their cloth to the Kirk, or Church, and the clergy would bless it. I spoke about faithfulness and why we do what we do when we re-enact this service. Faithful to our ancestors and faithful to the past and the ability to learn lessons from the past to avoid the pit falls of the future. I will try and post my homily latter on.
Here is the blessing: Bless, O Lord, these simple woven cloths, whose colors, warp and woof, bear the burden and honor, the history of the land of our ancestors, a people of your calling, a nation of your creation. may we sustain the glory of our ancestors by wearing the kilt with honest pride and genuine humility honoring a people known as Scots. In Christ’s name. Amen.
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