1. I don’t understand why you say all churches should be doing this. You want us to support those who do unlawful things, who mock the rule of law by entering illegally and taking from those who will pay for their entry … us American citizens? And we are supposed to endorse this criminal behavior because were Christians? Does the Church decide what actions are okay? I thought exploitation and robbery were sins? These people are exploiting those of us tax-paying citizens who have to pay for their illegal actions with our food, shelter, medical care. They are robbing and stealing. My parents and I came to the US through legal means and respected the rule of law. Sanctuary should be like economia, rarely used under duress only, not a way of life to meet the social preferences of clergy and faithful who think law and order are insignificant. Why not first provide sanctuary to those who are here in the USA who need the Church like the homeless, children living on the streets, those without medical care, families working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet. Victims of Katrina are still suffering daily, yet illegal trespassers are receiving a warmer welcome and the “sanctuary of the Church” makes the rest feel laughed at and spit on. If one breaks the law, are you saying we should deny the legal system and make a mockery of the judicial process and encourage illegal acts, promote misdemeanors and felonies? Illegal, unlawful vagrants are receiving a greater welcome and protection and acceptance by the Church than legal, tax-paying homosexuals who are US citizens and born of the Orthodox faith. I guess the support of “illegal immigrants” is the flavour of the day for renegade clergy who teach that it’s okay, if not noble, to not only break the law, but use God to defend those activities. Sanctuary is a cop out, a way of saying: “We endorse and encourage illegal and unlawful behavior.” What do I tell my 12 year old daughter when she does something wrong, or worse gets arrested one day for a crime? Do I tell her, quick, run to a church, they provide shelter for lawbreakers? I have 4 children (4,7, 10, 12) and I worry about them. How do I tell them that a Church demanding we fight against sin and be adherent to the 12 Commandents, without a margin of error, uses double-speak and praises illegal activities and supports the perpetrators?

  2. If you bothered to read the article you would see that sanctuary is only offered to those who have children born in this country, who are in the process of leagalizing their situation, but need a place to stay during the process. Read before you rant, please.

  3. The mother executed illegal and unlawful activities. I did read the article. So before I’m condemned for “rant”, I wouldve liked constructive feedback from a priest for my family about this topic. If the mother is illegally here, and the baby is born here, this justifies making it all alright? She needs a place to stay? Back in her country. The mother should have thought about the implications. That is child abuse on her part to have a baby here knowing the consequences. Oh, I forgot, people like you will make it okay and consequences mean nothing, until you decide what you think is sin and you condemn us. I’ll never visit this blogsite again. The RC is still in you.

  4. So if I understand what your saying, we should forcw this mother to go back to her country, and the child can stay here. Okay can the child stay with you? Sorry to see you go, and we could all use a little RC in us from time to time.

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