His Majesty King Michael I’s Message for the New Year of 2008


After our first year of membership within the European Union, one can say that democracy and liberty are stable in Romanian society. I know there are still problems in the fields of education, health and the living conditions of elderly people and that there are reasons for disappointment. However, the economy is on an ascending trend and is breaking away from the past, politics is dynamic and we have, for the first time in history, Romanian elected representatives in the European Parliament.

Our country has joined the dignified family of free nations. From now on we can start to distinguish between prosperity and identity, freedom and duty, between politics and fundamental values. Our public sector representatives should serve their institutions, and their country, not be served by them. We need stable institutions with an eye on the future.
Romania needs to build a European Constitution, which will assign clear, unequivocal and complementary roles to the State’s institutions. This is a question of honour, respect for our traditions and for democracy. In this way, we can complete our country’s economic and social reconstruction.

A nation, just like a human being, has its personality and its inner life. Romania, like each and every one of us, has her story, deeply interwoven with her past and her destiny. Romania will have a place in the international system if she can demonstrate that knows how to respect democracy and cultivate an instinct for the national good.

So help us God!
Michael R
The Savarsin Castle, 26th December 2007

From the blog of Prince Radu
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