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  1. Goodmorning: One of the most important things you said was that parents need to be in authority over their children, not on a friend level. That is how I was raised and how I raised my children. When especially an older son or daughter is in trouble, they do not receive the help from a friend but the security from someone who they can look up to. My dad didn’t even allow my sister or me to wear pants, like the guys. Of course, that dates me, not knowing the reason, he was the boss of the family. We obeyed. He certainly was protective of his girls. Looking back, he was a loving father. It starts at the tender age of two. If you allow your child to say no to you, you will never be their authority. They even as adults will not come to you with their problems as adults. They will not give you the respect that you deserve or the love that they need. Something will be missing. LAD

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