IPS Teofan Savu Romania’s new Bishop of Moldova and Bucovina

IPS Teofan Savu was officially installed head of the Metropolitan Church of Moldova and Bucovina on Sunday. The ceremony took place in Iasi and was officially held by Romania’s Patriarch Daniel, TV news stations inform. Teofan was elected for the position by the Holy Synod early in March. The seat was vacant after former metropolitan church head Daniel became Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church last year.

Teofan, 48, has run as head of the Metropolitan Church of Oltenia for the last eight years. Second in rank within the Orthodox Church, the Bishop of Moldova and Bucovina sees over most monasteries and churches. IPS Teofan will became the 80th bishop of Moldova. Hundreds of people gathered before the Cathedral in Iasi, North Romania, where the event was held especially that, during the ceremony, the relics of Romanian Saint Parascheva were to be shown.
Christians were able to see the ceremony on two big screens installed at the venue.

Some 150 police officers secured the area.

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