Sermon for Pentecost

It has been sometime since I posted one of my sermons. If you follow me on twitter you will know that I struggled with this one over the weekend. Sometimes it comes easy and sometimes it comes hard and this was a hard one.

This sermon does not have much to do with Pentecost but it is about change, interior change as well as exterior change. I will also include it on and upcoming episode of the Shepherd of Souls Podcast. I hope you enjoy.


  1. Change can only work if it is agreed upon from the top down. It is a process. One in which realization of the present way proves to be unsuccessful and the initiation of change, gradual, and decided, benefit the individual and the whole. Working toward the common good, understanding all angles of the task, considering and weighing all opinions, and obsticles, having a clear goal, reached through consensus. Change is part of life. It is the way things grow, and life comes to be. Change is good.

  2. Somethings are not meant to be changed. All changes affect others even personal ones. Not all changes are good. With change comes compromise. If its not broken, why fix it? Marie

  3. we has people are called to change it is part of being more christian.we live in a world that is materialistic and we are called to be more spiritial.God calls us to change or we will remain the children of the earth not the the children of God.everything we do in our lives we must ask ourselves are we decreasing so God can increase in our lives.Change must begin with each one of us then we will make an impact on the world around us. anne

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