Fack Check on the Candidates

I am not sure if you watched the debate last night I thought they both did a good job. I would not want to be in either one of their shoes at this point in history.

The Boston Globe has done a fact check on what was said. Take a look it seems they both exaggerated each others policies and records. I will remind you to listen to the candidates and what they say, not what others said they said. Educate yourself! This is the most important decision we will have to make.

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  1. fr. P.: Did you ever notice that most people go with the flow. Meaning, if you watch television one which endorses the left, they will entice you toward that direction. And, vise versa. I was at a party in CT this summer, at my brother’s house. It was obvious to me which side they were leaning toward and so we’re their friends. I really didn’t go there to hear politics. I didn’t enjoy the party and even though I see them only once a year, don’t relish going back. People have gone overboard to the point of being sick. If you ask the candidates campaign who won the debate last night, they both did. Really? If the majority of people say one did above the other, who’d argue with the majority of voters. That is the side you will tend to go, even if you know better.

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