Gustav Part IV

Well it looks like much of Gustav has passed and now is more of a rain event then anything. From all reports it looks like there was not that much damage although there has been some reports. I read on one persons blog that a local station in Baton Rouge was using old footage of levee breaks. How despicable is that!

I posted yesterday that IOCC is soliciting funds as is the Red Cross and other service agencies. I have also been placed on alert as part of the Emergency Response Team to head south if needed, not sure about that yet. But with my recent health problems I am not sure about going right now.

The big task ahead is working with those folks who have gone through this twice now. This will trigger thoughts and memories from Katrina that many may have thought had passed. It will be important to deal with these issues as the come up.

On the up side, and you have no idea how hard this is for me to say, but it looks like the… my hands are starting to shake… the government… I feel faint… did a.. I can’t say it… good job! Okay now I need counseling! All kidding aside, if we learn from a disaster that is the best thing that could come out of it. Don’t make the same mistakes. The only problem now is next time many more people will not want to leave because this one was not so bad.

Keep praying it is not over yet!

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