Radio Ministry

Today I had a meeting about the syndication of my podcast Shepherd of Souls. For the past three weeks it has been heard on the local AM station WESO and starting this Sunday it will be heard on WPLM Plymouth/Cape Cod and WBNW 1120 Concord/Boston. So we will cover the Eastern Half of Massachusetts Northern Rhode Island and Northern Connecticut. This is big news for our little radio ministry and our ability to reach the multitudes for the faith. Keep the prayers coming as I prepare these shows each week.

The show will also be available as a podcast as well. And I am looking for sponsors for the show. It does not come free and if you would like to help email me or leave me feedback and I will let you know the details.


  1. great news fr. good outreach on your part. if you send me the info about sponsership and explain how it works i’ll try to get you some leads. anne

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