Illinois Senate Seat

I have not commented on this crazyness in the Illinois Senate Seat situation in the past but I will now enter the fray.

Yesterday Governor Blagojevich (who is Orthodox by the way) named Roland Burris to the United States Senate to fill the vacant seat of President-Elect Barrack Obama. Now people are going out of their minds about it. Not about the choice, but the fact that Governor, who is accused of trying to sell the seat, made the appointment.

No weather you agree or not, the Illinois Constitution gives the appointment power to the Governor of the State. The State legislature filled a bill to remove that from the Governors powers but failed to act on it so the Governor was left with no choice but to make the appointment. The new Senate will be sworn in on Tuesday and the seat should be filled. The legislature had an opportunity to act and they did not so the Governor acted legally might I add.

So now it goes to the Senate where they can try and block the appointment. I feel sorry for the one who has been appointed. He has entered a political fire storm that he should not have to enter.

As I understand the process this is a two year appointment regardless of what is left in term. The appointee will serve for two years, then there will be an election to fill the balance of the term. In the case of Hillary Clinton in New York, the person would be appointed for two years, then have to run in an election to fill the remaining two years, then would run for the seat for a six year term. Very confusing but that is how it works.

So we shall see where this all goes from here. I am surprised however at the shock people are expressing. After all corruption is not new in Illinois politics.


  1. George Patsopurakos
    Because he has been charged with corruption for allegedly trying to sell President-elect Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate seat, Illinois Governor Blagojevich should not have named a successor to that Senate seat. He should have waited until he is cleared of the corruption charges before naming a successor. If Gov. Blagojevich is convicted of these charges or resigns, then it would be appropriate for the Illinois Lieutenant Governor — who would take over as Governor — to name a Senator. It is unlikely that the Senate will approve Gov. Blagojevich’s nominee, because of the air of corruption associated with the Governor in this situation.

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