1 dead, dozens injured in Gaza by suspected white phosphorus munitions

These are the worst type of weapons to use. Someone needs to speak out on this!


Doctors treating the wounded say the shelling apparently contained the intensely burning, toxic munition. Villagers say the firing came from the Israeli border.

By Richard Boudreaux and Yasser Ahmad January 12, 2009

Reporting from Jerusalem and Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip — Palestinian villagers said the shelling came from the direction of the Israeli border, less than a mile away, scattering flaming objects in their midst and burning down 20 homes and the local United Nations-run school.

“One landed in my kitchen and caused a fire,” said Zohair Mohammed abu Rejila, 35. “I went to put it out, but another one landed on Mayar, my baby daughter. It was like a block of fire, a piece of plastic on fire. When I knocked it off her, it exploded and out came this heavy white smoke with a very bad smell.”

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