Fire in Town

Early on Friday morning the Southbridge Fire Department received a call of flames in a building. Now this is never a good call and when the temperature is -7F it is even less welcome. Upon arrival the firefighters found a three story house with flames coming from the window on the third floor. That was at 12:50am twleve hours latter and the firefighters were still on sceene and 19 people had been left homeless. This calls to mind the fact that while we are warm in our homes there are people that have to be out in the cold either because of work or because of homelessness.

I will ask you to please pray for the firefighters and those who lost their homes this past week. This was the third fire in the area since the cold snap has come upon us.

The good news is the temperature is supposed to rise to almost 40 by the middle of the week. As I write this it is -5F here in the Village. The sun is out but it is very cold.


  1. I was going to work at 5:45AM and you could still see the smoke…what a terrible tragedy for these people. The mother of the little girl who was struck by a car and killed a couple years ago lived in this building with her daughter…how much more tragedy in her life will this woman have to endure. I am thankful that all are safe.

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