Language of faith

The Prince Albert Daily Herald, Canada

The Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Prince Albert traditionally holds all its sermons in the Ukrainian language – but that’s changed. It has recently started holding one Sunday ceremony a week in English.

“We want to open our doors to everyone,” said Rev. Michael Lomaszkiewicz. “And language is the tool of communication.”

It has been evident that younger generations have been few in attendance at all Sunday services for any faith and the Ukrainian Orthodox church realizes that.”

The expansion to English-language services will aid attendance by allowing access to those who otherwise may not understand the nuances of the service, he added.

“We want the young people we have and others to feel comfortable praying with us as well as understand us,” said Lomaszkiewcz.

The church still adheres to all its traditions but believes that a few ceremonies in English may help a few people who don’t understand Ukrainian hear and understand the words of God easier.

“It doesn’t hurt our traditions,” said Lomaszkiewcz. “The lord gave us the gift of being able to speak different languages.”

The Holy Trinity Orthodox church will also be holding their annual Epiphany Eve Service on Jan. 18 at 11 a.m. in English. The Epiphany is a traditional annual event that involves blessing members of the churches homes with holy water. The service will start with the blessing of the water then a holy supper to follow.


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