OCA to publish book commemorating election & enthronement of +Jonah

SYOSSET, NY [OCA Communications] — The Chancery of the Orthodox Church inAmerica has announced plans to publish early in 2009 a book commemoratingthe election of His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah.

“The book will document His Beatitude’s election as Primate of the OrthodoxChurch in America at the OCA’s 15th All-American Council, November 12, 2008,and his enthronement at St. Nicholas Cathedral in Washington, DC, December28, 2008,” said OCA Director of Ministries and Communications, ArchpriestAndrew Jarmus. “The publication will also offer insight into the life andministry of Metropolitan Jonah prior to his election. Additionally, the bookwill give OCA parishes, institutions and members an opportunity to publishgreetings to His Beatitude.

“The OCA chancery has also announced that profits from the sale of thecommemorative book will be earmarked for the Fellowship of Orthodox Stewards[FOS] to help fund Church ministries. “Metropolitan Jonah has also indicatedhis desire that the a portion of the book’s sales will go to support thework of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship, OCF, which is involved withcampus ministry at universities and colleges throughout the US and Canada,”Fr. Andrew said.

The OCA Chancery is also examining the possibility of producing a videodocumentary of Metropolitan Jonah’s election and enthronement.

A mailing with information regarding greetings for the commemorative book will be sent out by the Chancery shortly.

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