Eastern Rite Anglicans

My friend Huw has been discussion the possibility of Eastern Rite Anglicans over on his blog. He has posted three FAQ’s about this possibility. It is a very interesting thing to consider. I find it interesting that we have a group of people in the Anglican Church interested in Eastern Rite Worship and we have a group of Orthodox who are interested in Western Rite Worship. Down is up, left is right, white is black, I need a score card. However give it a read it is very interesting.

Eastern Rite Anglicans FAQ (Part 1)

Eastern Rite Anglicans FAQ (Part 2)

Eastern Rite Anglicans FAQ (Part 3)


  1. Fr. Peter-Michael–

    I’d love to be part of a conversation with you and your friend on our ‘East-West’ relationships in the Body of Christ. Sending Lenten well wishes to you from up the road in Worcester.

    –Padre Warren

  2. Actually, there are hundred of thousands of eastern rite Anglicans in India using the Syriac rite; the Mar Thomas.

  3. I am a priest in the Episcopal Church making efforts in this direction. I have now three times in the last year celebrated an Eastern liturgy within the rubrics of our BCP; once in the presence of my bishop, who supports this exploration. But I am throwing my lot in with SERA in the hope that an Eastern from will be approved for regular use. My congregation has responded with interest and enthusiasm to learning this foundational way of worship, from which almost all of our liturgical “logic” has sprung.

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