Washington Post Shame!

What kind of dopes do we have working at the Washington Post? I always thought they had the best reporters and editors in the business. In the midst of a Presidential Press Conference last night Washington Post reporter Michael Fletcher asked the President what he thought about the A Rod scandal. If I was the President I would have had The Secret Service remove him from the room for being stupid.

We are in the midst of the worst economic crisis in many generations and this dope asks the President what he think of an over paid child. Shame on this reporter, Shame on the Washington post if the don’t throw this bum out on his, well bum, and shame on the President of the United States for dignifying this question with an answer.

A Rod time for you and the rest of your drug addict pals to leave the field in shame!

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  1. we live with a media who feels sports are as important and then the countries welfare and for the president to acknowledge this with an answer shows how screwed up we are in this country.freedom of the press is fine but all things in the right places. sports figures in this country make way to much money.Cure cancer and no one will remeber your name,hit a home run and you’ll go down in history as a great person. linda

  2. With all the problems in the world today — including the worst economic crisis to occur in the United States since the Great Depression — I believe it was inappropriate for a Washington Post reporter to ask President Obama what he thought about the A Rod scandal. While the President was kind enough to express his opinion, he probable should have said that this is a Presidential Press Conference — not a sports conference — and continued with the next question. I believe that the Washington Post should not allow its reporter, Michael Fletcher, who asked about A Rod, to take part in future Presidential Press Conferences!

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