Truths Behind the Tea Parties

Steve Chapman
April 19, 2009

The banking collapse and the economic meltdown have prompted many Americans to turn to the federal government as indispensable savior, telling Congress and the president: We hope you can fix it; we want you to do whatever is necessary to fix it; and we don’t care what it costs.

That was not the sentiment in evidence at the tea-party protests held on Tax Day.

There, the message was one of great skepticism about the efficacy of the government’s remedies and great apprehension about the expense (along with some of the extremist lunacy that accompanies any mass movement). The scale of the federal response to the crises has come as a frightening surprise to many Americans, who suspect the cure will be worse, and less transitory, than the disease.

Since September, a federal budget that was already growing steadily has accelerated out of control. The ride began in the winter of 2008, when Congress and President George W. Bush agreed on a fiscal stimulus package of $170 billion in tax rebates and incentives. It picked up speed in the fall, when the Treasury spent $85 billion to take over insurance giant American International Group Inc. and Congress approved $700 billion to rescue failing financial institutions.

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  1. Many people,and the media missed the fact that these tea parties were not anti obamam or anti deemocrat.People got together to say the goverment is ignoring us and we have certain rights which you can not take away from us.The constitution is not just a piece of paper its a way of life for this country.These officals were elected into office and should remember they can lose their jobs if we feel we are not being listened to.
    Its aparent there are alot of angry people out there who are just going to be getting more upset.
    I am sure they made fun of the original tea party members but look what they did.linda

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