American Orthodox Unity

Much has been written and said in the past few months about the unity of the Orthodox Church in the United States. Fr. Ted has written some thoughts on his blog and there are a few others as well. Like Fr. Ted I have not yet read or digested all of the materials but I hope too soon.

Here are some other links as well:

Chalcedon Canon 28: Yesterday and Today
V. Rev. John Erickson

Chalcedon Canon 28: Historic Truth or Greek Mythology?
Nick Katich

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  1. Fr. Ted Bobosh, a priest in the Orthodox Church in America, is correct in writing that the main purpose of the Church is not to uphold canons, but rather to use the canons as a tool to maintain the God-given unity of the Holy Spirit among all Christians. Consequently, Orthodox unity in America needs to come from God and the Holy Spirit, and not from any canons. Then, and only then, can a harmonious Orthodox Christian unity prevail in America.

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