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Can someone please tell me exactly who the liberal press are that we are blaming everything on? If the stats are true, and based on the number of newspapers that are folding each day, 90% of Americans do not read the newspapers and 45% of Americans do not have cable, so we get our news from the radio that is populated by the conservatives last time I checked.

So that being the case who is this liberal press?

Fr. John at Orthodoxy and Culture has a run down of what he says the President has accomplished in his 100 days, here is an excerpt:

Well, over the last one hundred days the harvesting of human beings for body parts has been once again made legal (fetal stem cell research), several states have legalized ‘gay-marriage’, euthanasia has been legalized in Washington state, incredibly vast sums of money has been poured into the “Economic Stimulus Bill”–while the regime still pretends that there will be no middle class tax increases, and the list continues.

Okay the stem cell thing I will buy but last time I checked the President of the United States has nothing to do with state government and most of these things were in the pipe line long before he was sworn in. I clearly forgets that President Bush had his own Stimulus Package that was oh so successful as well.

I said this on my radio show the other day. STOP BLAMING PEOPLE! We need to stop blaming and work to change. We also need to stop, and I say we so that is both sides here, spinning things. One party did not get us into this mess and one party will not get us out. We all need to work together to make this country work. If all you are going to do is blame people and complain I would rather you just simply Shut Up!


  1. First this is a free country and if people want to complain they are entitled,we have freedom of speach so every ones views and complaints count.
    Second people complain about leaders because they feel unable to change things them selves thats why we elect representatives to repressent us and when they don’t do what we want them to they are no longer doing their jobs and need to be conmplained to and about.
    Third when the tv.main line media abc,cbs and nbc back a person for presidency during a presidental race.give him all positive publicity and speak little of the other candidate also running,then its one sided and wrong.They do that in Russia.
    And last many people showed up for the tea parties and are willing to do what they are able to do,even when the main stream media makes fun of then and melines them for going out and practicing their constitutional rights.Linda

  2. Amen, Father.

    Churches work best when they transcend political party divides, imitate the Christ who shared his table with tax collectors, harlots and sinners, and work hard to see him in everybody — and then feed him in the guise of the hungry, give drink to him in the guise of the thirsty, clothe him in the guise of the naked, house him in the guise of the homeless, care for him in the guise of the sick and visit him in the guise of the jailed. How many churches are doing that? Blessed are those that are. As Saint Sergius of Radonezh said: “Looking at the unity of the Holy Trinity, overcome the bitter divisions of this world.”

    As for “the harvesting of human beings for body parts” — pray tell, how is it humane or moral to keep a human being in a freezer, even if it’s not used for stem cell research, and discard it in the trash when it passes its “best used by” date, as happens with frozen human embryos in fertility clinics? Nobody talks about that.

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