IV Pre-conciliar Pan-orthodox Conference

Thanks to The Orthodox Report Blog for this information as it says on the blog this is a rather hasty translation from the French but this is an important document for us here in the US Orthodox Church. We are part of the diaspora and I find it interesting that meetings are being held to decide out fate and we are not even represented at the meetings. Of course there are representatives from the various patriarchates at the meeting but, and please correct me if I am incorrect, there were no Americans at the meeting. I believe we need to pay very close attention to these meeting.

Here is a link to the communique.


  1. it just goes to show you how respected the american orthodox churches are by the rest of the world.
    Shame on them we are as orthodox as they are and our money is just as important to the mother churches as their money is..linda

  2. The IV Pre-conciliar Pan-Orthodox Conference attendants need to inform Orthodox worshipers of any action that was taken at its recent Conference regarding the diaspora, as well as other matters. To keep Orthodox worshipers in the dark as to what was decided at this Conference is an un-Christian act that must not be tolerated.

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