5 Years Ago

Five years ago today I was in Chicago preparing to be ordained to the Holy priesthood. What a weekend of events. I was ordained a deacon on Friday morning and then on Sunday to the priesthood. It was the weekend of the Congress of our Archdiocese and all of the priests were in attendance as well as some of the faithful from around the Archdiocese. My parents were also there and it was a beautiful liturgy, well I think it was I was so nervous that I am unsure how it was. But the rest of the day was wonderful.

I began my ministry at St. Michael’s on July 5th and it has been quite a ride since then. Good and bad moments, some laughs, some tears. I have welcomed people into the Orthodox Church, baptized children, and buried the dead. To all the parishioners at St. Michael’s it has been a pleasure being your pastor these last five years. I look forward to many more years.


  1. No, Thank You Father, God gave us a great gift when He gave us you. We appreciate all that you have done and do for us. We have shared lots of those moments with you, both happy and sad. God grant you Many Years.

  2. to a special person,how does one even being to express their thanks to a person who has changed not only my life but my husband's.We are so lucky to have you at St. Michael's to help us during times of turmoil and love.God bless you Fr.Peter you are truly a blessing, which has made me realize how close God is in our lives.Vic and Linda

  3. The Orthodox Church is very fortunate to have Fr. Peter-Michael Preble as one of its priests in America. Indeed, Fr. Preble's website and radio broadcasting have had a significant impact in promoting Orthodoxy not only in his home community, but also throughout the world.

  4. Happy Anniversary Father Peter! I do not attend St. Michaels but I do listen to your show and read your blog…you are pleasure and Southbridge is very fortunate to have you!

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