Be careful what you Tweet

Tonight I was sitting in a meeting and my mind was wandering so I decided to send a text message to the guy sitting across the table. I was bored out of my mind so I sent the text “I am going to kill myself” Okay that would have been funny except right after I hit the send button I realized that I had not sent it to the guy across the table but to my Twitter account! Ooops.

So the question is to Tweet or not to Tweet? And we need to check what we send because you never know who is going to read what you send.

Today whilst watching TV I saw an ad with this young girl walking in the mall and other places. Everyone was saying hello to her and asking questions about what she was doing. The ad was about being careful what you put online as you never know who is going to see it. The answer is everyone is going to see it so be careful what you post!


  1. You're right about that, Fr. Peter! I've Twittered a few thing that got people upset, so much so, that they got me suspended and I had to start all over with a new name (traddeacon). No my tweets are protected and I only post to my friends and those who want to read them. What's that old saying: "Engage brain before putting mouth in gear!" That goes for fingers too! 🙂
    Deacon John

  2. I am glad I didn't get that tweet – I would have been on the phone with the Police Department asking them to do a chek on you because of the tweet I got! I agree, be careful with what you say, tweet, write, anything! And alwyas remember, when you think you delete something, it usually never is.

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