Chapel in the Mall

I love this idea and think we Orthodox should consider it. What a great way to reach people by going where they are!

h/t to the American Papist

Catholic Femina spots a Capuchin-run Catholic chapel …. located in a Colorado Springs shopping mall.

It’s not often you find directions to a chapel that include phrases like “between Burlington Coat Factory and Dillards.”

I like the fact that they have confessions available during all mall open hours. Between Cinnabon and Victoria’s Secret there’s plenty of opportunities for some serious capital sinning.

The chapel is supported by the Knights of Columbus and local bishop Michael Sheridan.

What do you think about this idea? Is it an innovative evangelization idea? Or an inappropriate space for Sacraments? Or something else?

I’d like to hear your thoughts.


  1. Rather than a straight-up chapel that might have a few things for free… I'd suggest sticking with a very serviceable American EO tradition: Bookstore, Coffee shop with occasional local clergy on duty with an icon corner or mediation space in the back.

    I thought of opening an EO bookstore in the mall in Asheville at one of the stalls in the middle of the mall. But I was quick to realise that I'd spend my day debating with folks rather than counseling.

  2. Having a chapel in a mall is a good idea, especially if its main purpose is to reach out to people, so that they might become true Christians.

    Whether a person attends church services in an elegant church or in a small chapel is not important. What is important is that a person who attends church services does so in order to convey his love, thankfulness, and repentance to Christ in a spiritual way.

  3. This is actually a fantastic idea. I was there when they first opened the Center. It was in a small area right next to a New Age store. That store went out of business and the Center grew and grew.

    The Monks who run the place are fantastic as well. One thing – they are open normal mall hours except for Sunday. They are closed. The ask that you go to your parish for Sunday Mass.

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