Dave Ramsey on Health Care

As many of you know I have been listening to Dave Ramsey’s radio program for a few months now. On the show today Dave was asked the question is health care a moral imperative. President Obama used these words yesterday in the teleconference with clergy. I do not think that health care is a moral imperative here is how Dave answered the question:

Question: Ann wants to hear Dave’s opinions on healthcare being a moral obligation.

Dave Ramsey’s advice: I think if I were arguing for government healthcare, that is the card I would play. The people who want the government to take over healthcare are playing that card because the issue is so emotional. Playing an emotional trump card is an excellent move on their part as part of a political snowjob.

But is it a moral obligation for the government to provide healthcare? Absolutely not. Healthcare is not a human right. We need to care for each other and have a process in the healthcare system for people with no coverage to be helped. But Jesus wouldn’t provide healthcare through the government. Nowhere in Scripture was the government used to help people. People helped each other.

There is nothing Christian about the government taking care of anyone. Churches can do it and have been and should do more. We should take care of each other. I think those who are ticked off about the government doing all this should start outgiving the government and put the government out of business.

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