Health Care Debate Continued

For far too long I have been looking at secular resources for the health care debate when I should have been reading Christian resources. Recently I came across the web page of Sojourners and they have some great resources from a Christian point of view on the health care debate. The bottom line is that health care affects people and if people are involved then Christians have to be involved.

Here are some links for your reading and I do hope you will take the time to read the resources here:

A Guide to the Health-Care Reform Debate [pdf]

A Guide to the Health-Care Reform Debate (2-page version) [pdf]

Three Moral Issues of Health Care
by Jim Wallis

A Visit to the ER
by Jim Wallis

Heal Thyself?
by Elizabeth Edwards

A Matter of Life and Death
by Mary Kay Henry

The Healing Church
by Karin Granberg-Michaelson

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