Ted Kennedy RIP

When I go to bed at night I usually listen to Dan Rea on WBZ radio. I like to listen to what other are speaking about on the radio to get an idea of what the hot topics are. Last night was like any other night. I went to bed and fell fast asleep. I awoke about 2:30 to the news that Senator Edward M Kennedy had died. This came as no shock to me as he has been sick for months and has been going down hill as of late. I now knew what my show was going to be about today.

As I prepared for the show the words of condolence started to come in from the White House and other places and other people on both sides of the political life in the US. I was struck by the outpouring of gracious words from people that had worked with and against Senator Kennedy during his 47 years of public service.

This is the direction I went in today. You don’t have to agree with his positions on some issues and Lord knows I did not agree but you have to salute 47 years of public service. His private life may have been a mess, and whose is not, but his public service is commendable. This is the Ted Kennedy we should remember.

The Kennedy family has shed blood for this country and given their lives to public service. He has been called the “lion of the Senate” and some have said that there was not a piece of legislation to help the poor that did not have his name on it. This was a man that did not need the money and by all accounts never lined his own pockets he did it just to serve. From a wealth privileged family no doubt but gave his life for what he thought was best.

Senator Kennedy will be missed by his family and friends and the legacy will continue. Before long the haters will come back out and there is a rumor that the health care bill will be named after him we shall wait and see. Haters you need not leave comments here as they will be deleted straight away!


  1. What I find incredible about Sen. Ted Kennedy's 47 years of public service was that he always fought for legislation that would be helpful for the lower class.

    Some examples of this ideal are periodical increases in the minimum wage, health care available for those who could not afford it, the family leave law which allows a worker to leave a job for 15 weeks — due mainly to family emergencies or to giving birth to a child — and then being able to return to that job, etc.

    I find Sen. Kennedy's support of such measures incredible, because he was wealthy and did not need these benefits himself.

    In short, Sen. Kennedy was a selfless lawmaker — a rarity today — who always put the needs of his constituents before his own needs.

  2. This came as no shock to me as he has been sick for months and has been going down hill as of late.

    I had a reaction similar to yours when I heard the news as well.

    My position on Ted Kennedy is hard to reconcile for most people. While I didn't agree with the vast majority of his political positions I think that, especially in his later life, he showed himself to be an incredibly noble human being.

    One thing is certain: an era in our history has certainly ended. And it will likely not be repeated, either.

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