The Left and The Right

Today it was announced by the White House that the President will meet with all of the Democrats from the Senate for lunch this week. Over on Twitter some people on the right went nuts! They asked the question, and then answered it themselves, who is paying for this? We are of course came the answer. I find it interesting that the right is using the very same tactics that used to drive them crazy when the left used to say it about President Bush. Did President Bush never have the Republicans over to the White house for Lunch? If so who paid for it? We did of course it is all part of the job.

The other interesting thing is that President Obama has announced he and the family will be vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard. Again the right has gone nuts. The President is spending $20,000 of his own money to vacation on the Vineyard. President Bush never vacationed on the Vineyard the right will say, and my answer is no he did not have too he owned his own Ranch or perhaps he could go to the compound in Kennebunkport!

Now I will admit that there were people on the left that could not stand President Bush just as there are those on the Right that cannot stand President Obama but that does not make it right and why does it seem we are holding this president to a higher standard then we held President Bush?

I do not hate anyone and I cannot understand people who hate other people. Hate is so destructive and it is not helpful to anyone or anything. I think the time has come to put all of this behind and get to work making things better for everyone.

George Washington and John Adams did not believe in political parties they thought it would divide the country and funny thing is it seems to have. I am not blaming anyone or any one party all are to blame. Time to get things back on track and get the country back on track as well. It will take all of us, to pull together and get things done.

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