Swine Flu and the Chalice

Over on the AOI blog I can across a letter from His Eminence Alexios of Atlanta on the Swine Flu and the Chalice. I had the blessing of meeting His Eminence after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. His Eminence came to Baton Rouge on a pastoral visit he is a very holy man.

His letter hits the nail right on the head and I recommend it to you and the faithful. I will be providing copies of this letter at my church this Sunday.

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  1. Right on, Bishop Alexios! Protestant friends have asked about Orthodox worship, and I find their reaction to our communion practices to be very entertaining. The look of horror on their face when I describe the communal spoon, the gifts, and how we care for them is priceless. It shows two things, 1. that we believe in the actual presence ofGod and show all due respect, and 2. that our Protestant brothers and sisters are cavelier with the gifts and therefore cannot possibly believe in the actual presence of God.

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