Bombing the Moon

Okay I think NASA’s time for usefulness has come and gone. So it gave us Duck Tape, Velcro, and Tang other than that what has it done for us except cost us billions per year close it down. Now it was announced today that we have bombed the moon to try and find water! Why? Does Evian need another source for tap, I mean bottled water?

Truly we have millions of people hungry, out of work, no health insurance, children failing in school, can’t read etc… And we are spending money bombing the moon.

I am sure some people will blame the President for that but this has been going on for years and it is time for the gravy train to come to a halt. But all that NASA crap on ebay, have a big yard sale, and let’s use the money to help real people and leave the space people alone!


  1. I've been saying the same thing since the space shuttle challenger blew up.If you can't find any serious stuff to study maybe its time to call it quits and use the money they blow on NASA budget to fund the health care bill they want.linda

  2. Although I find some of the spending not necessary, I do enjoy reading the stories about other galaxies,comets etc. I truly believe NASA is a benefit to us. I enjoy seeing the pictures from outerspace that come back to us…I do agree they shouldn't have shot the moon with that rocket to look for signs of water…

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