Another Christmas Hating Town

Okay gang here is another Massachusetts Town that Hates Christmas. They not only hate Christmas but it seem the local Rabbi is now involved as they will not allow him to place the Menorah on the Town Common. Well they will let him but only for one day and not the traditional eight. Now the Rabbi has the right idea and he is suing the Town. But what about us Christians what are we going to do? I bet we do nothing!

Here is the link to the Article from the Eagle Tribune. Now before you go nuts and start sending me hate mail. The Merry Christmas sign has been on the Fire Station for 50 years. Why this year? Why now? The PC Police are at it again and we need to take back our Country from them. I say we hire a lawyer as file a law suite. Any lawyers out there want to take the case?

Here are the names and email addresses of the Selectman from the Christmas Hating PC Town of North Andover, Massachusetts. Do you thing and email away. Be nice and polite and end your email with MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Tracy M. Watson, Chairman 978-208-7224

Daniel P. Lanen, Vice Chairman 978-857-7555

Rosemary Connelly Smedile, Clerk 978-689-2949

Richard A. Nardella, Chairman, Licensing Commission 978-975-7222

William F. Gordon 978-685-1471

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